Local Climber Meghan Austin

Local Climber Meghan Austin

Alley Rose brings exceptional and unique handmade leather jewelry to Portland, Oregon! At Alley Rose, jewelry is more than just an accessory—it’s a reflection of individuality, confidence and inner beauty. I believe that jewelry speaks its own language, so I strive to customize each and every order to the individual.

Alley Rose was created about 2 ½ years ago when my sister and I moved in together. It all started when we would have art and craft nights with my nephew. We came across some extra leather and thought it would be fun to make ourselves some earrings. When I wore them out I would get countless compliments. So we decided to take it a step further and start a business, Alley Rose. Our unique and fun designs sell themselves and Alley Rose has taken off.

Around the same time that Alley Rose started, is when I was introduced to climbing. It all started with some coworkers at 24 Hour Fitness. The ladies and I would go out every other Friday for “climbing and cocktails”. I started to really enjoy the mental and physical challenge that climbing brought into my workouts. Soon thereafter I met Juan with Antigravity Equipment, he helped me expand my knowledge on footwork and the techniques involved in climbing. And of course while climbing at Stoneworks, I have been introduced to the amazing and ever expanding SW/AG team. I was hooked! Climbing has opened so many different doors for me, both personally and now professionally!

Alley Rose is now available at the Antigravity shop; I will also take personalized orders if you don’t see the pair that speaks to you!


Meghan Austin

Founder of Alley Rose